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Oct 7, 2012 5:00am PDT
a gallon, pay for college education, whatever it is. the talk on small business obscures, what are regoing to do in this economy to increase demand? demand is going to drive the profitability of small business. >> we have a survey about small business owners which was interesting. it was conducted by wells fargo. they say why are you not hiring, right? their number one hiring concern is the revenues won't justify adding employees. there aren't enough people, customers to sell things to because the economy is not very good. current state of economy, cash flow ability, go down to the bottom of that for new government regulations. >> after the debate, i spent a lot of time talking to small business organizations to say what was your reaction to this? they had interesting statistics and ideas. then i spent a bunch of time talking to small business owners saying what did you think of the debate? you know what they said? i don't really care. what i care about is how i'm going to get more people through my door, increase my customers. what's my marketing plan. >> i want to talk about grou
Sep 30, 2012 5:00am PDT
education, one of the justices, not one had been a full time judge before. when alida replaced o'connor, they were all federal court judges. that is a terrible lack of diversity. she knew what it was like to raise money. >> she was a former state legislature. a lot of what comes in front of the court are sta chte statutes. >> for the middle. >> citizens united is a case that talks about giving money to campaigns as if it's a first amendment speech driven process. a politician may say, can i tell you what goes on, why people give money to campaigns? >> yeah. >> i would think, if this president is reelected, because there are so few court of appeals judges who are the right age, he will have to look outside the judiciary, which i agree, is a great thing. it's not only understanding how government works, it's understanding people's problems, trying to fix their problems, address their problems, hearing both sides and trying to meet out resolutions of problems. i think i would also like to see a justice who has been a civil rights lawyer, a public interest lawyer. >> the governor o
Oct 6, 2012 5:00am PDT
advantage of an educated population that comes from our public schools. nobody does it on their own. that rhetoric is destructive. >> wait a minute. if they build that business on their own. whatever you want to call it. >> in concert. >> in the flourishing of american society and the community and all the great things that we all love, once that person dies, oftentimes because of the estate tax he has to sell that business instead of passing it on. >> often times this is a tiny, tiny incident. >> the percentage of these people is negligible and we've actually put provisions in our tax code to allow people to spread that over, say in the case of farms, over 14, 15 years. and we can do more. i can understand for that very small number for which that's a problem we have ways of handling that that does not force the sale. >> that brings up a question which i'd like to hear. so i'm a liberal or i'm a skeptical egalitarian. i'm one of the people i mentioned in the poles in the last hour who doesn't have a big ideological commitment. i do think the equity argument makes sense to me. i think the
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)